The unmanned aircraft for collecting data from the air. The best choice for photogrammetry purposes because of the long flight time and possibility of mounting high resolution cameras and lenses like SONY a6300, A7IIR or Phase One iXU.

What makes this platform the best choice for everyone is fast assembly, simple maintenece and low price.

Aircraft capabilities

Flight time

Possibility to perform safe photogrammetry missions with 2 hours flight time in every acceptable weather conditions (maximal wind speed: 10 m/s).


Thanks to the carbon-foam contruction BIMMER is able to bear a lot of hard work! A special buffer bottom layer protect the fuselage from damages during landings on difficult areas.

BIMMER was created for hard work!

Automatic launch and landing

It is possible to make automatic launch and landing without any additional R/C radio. Precision landings are supported by a LIDAR mounted in the fuselage.

Possibility of mounting cameras in different Positions

Camera set in different positions allows you to perform much more efficient flights above line infrastructure and big areas (ask us for details!).

Easy access to COLLECTED DATA

All data from the photogrammetry missions are easily accessible on memory cards mounted outside the fuselage. You are no longer obligate to open and dissasembly platform in order to check the photos and camera logs.

Covered area

Example of covered area for resolution: 2,93 cm/px, overlaps 65/60 and SONY a6000 with 20mm lens:

580 ha (5,8 km²)

Technical specification




Maximal take-off weight:

Take-off weigth (with SONY a6000):

Assembly time:

Fly time with camera:

Telemetry range:

Cruise speed [km/h]:

Cruise speed [m/s]:

Minimal speed [km/h]:

Maximal speed [m/s]:

Accepted cameras:


1960 mm

1073 mm

224 mm

5500 g

 4420 g

 1 min.

 120 min.

 15 km





SONY a6000, a6300, A7IIR, Phase One iXU

Example of aircraft use

Aircraft was used for flights above railway lines of total distance of 1000 km in order to provide ortophotomaps and digital elevation models. Nowadays, it is the biggest type of project in Poland.

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